Three landscape projects were recently completed at the Miller House in Columbus, Indiana. Miller House is one of the most important mid-century modern residences in the country and offers guided tours of the interior and gardens to visitors. The house was designed by architect Eero Saarinen and designer Alexander Girard, while the landscape was designed by Dan Kiley.

The recent landscape projects included the land around the pool, the north apple orchard and the south apple orchard. The intention was to return the property back to its full glory. Originally, the Miller House was home to Xenia and J. Irwin Miller.

During the first project, in partnership with the Landmark Columbus Foundation, the landscape around the pool was restored with 126 arborvitae trees. These trees were part of a public art installation designed by SO-IL and featured during the 2019 Exhibit Columbus Exhibition. This installation entitled Between the Hedges was originally showcased at the Bartholomew County Courthouse and was specifically designed to be able to move the trees to the Miller House following the exhibition.

pool at Miller House and Garden
The second landscape project was completed during the summer of 2021. Originally planted in 1950, 42 trees in the north orchard were replanted in the original quincunx pattern. A quincunx design is a repeating pattern of five trees, one on each corner of a square and the remaining one in the center.

The final project involved the south apple orchard. Completed during the fall of 2021, 34 trees were replanted there.

Ben Weaver, the Miller House and Garden Site Administrator commented, “I hope these restorations give new visitors an extra reason to see the property, while also inspiring those that have seen it before to do it all over again.”

new tree plantings at Miller House and Garden

Miller House and Garden is owned and cared for by Newfields. Tours of the Miller House and Garden are offered in partnership with the Columbus Area Visitors Center. Intended for adults and children over 10, tours last up to 90 minutes. They begin and end at the Columbus Visitor’s Center, located at 506 Fifth Street in downtown Columbus Indiana. To be assured a spot on the tour, booking in advance is encouraged.

With over 90 buildings and pieces of public art by internationally noted architects and artists, Columbus Indiana is famous for its world-renowned architecture and colorful public art. The American Institute of Architects ranked Columbus 6th in the nation for architectural innovation and design, right behind Chicago, New York, Boston, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.


new trees at Miller House

Photos courtesy Hadley Fruits for Landmark Columbus Foundation