The Studio Editions by Dale Chihuly are available for purchase at the Columbus Visitors Center Gift Shop! For information on purchasing, please contact the Columbus Visitors Center at 812-378-2622. The editions available at the gift shop right now are shown below. See also the Chihuly prints available, at the bottom of this page.

Atlantis Persian Studio Edition

Dale Chihuly’s iconic Persian series is steeped in history while continuously evolving in form and color. Art historian Tina Oldknow, formerly of the Corning Museum of Glass, notes, “The sources of his Persians are classical Greek, Persian, Byzantine, Islamic, Venetian, together representing an incredibly fertile palimpsest of ideas and influences.” The diverse layers and aspects of this series, combined with Chihuly’s command of color application and exploration of form, reveal the opulence and mysterious depths of these exotic and mysterious lineages.

The 2017 Atlantis Persian Studio Edition is a full expression of this series that began in 1986 and has continued with compelling vibrancy as can be seen immediately in this piece. The entire form is wrapped in brilliant shades of green and transparent blue. These exquisite lines, called a body wrap, radiate from its epicenter before rippling and folding in upon themselves. A royal blue lip wrap applied to the composition’s outer edge articulates its gentle, undulating energy. The soft, cool bending of color and light creates a luminous quiet – a tranquil fluidity forged in glass.

Chihuly’s signature is engraved on each handblown work, which stands approximately eight inches tall. It is accompanied by a custom designed display vitrine and the Chihuly Workshop publication Chihuly Persians, with an essay by Tina Oldknow informing the series.



In 1977, upon seeing Northwest Coast Indian baskets at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma, Dale Chihuly was fascinated by the effect time had on the woven vessels, how the elements softened them, making them bend and slump. By exploring the malleable qualities of glass, Chihuly successfully achieved his own interpretive vision blown and spun in both delicate and vibrant tones. “I wanted to concentrate on using the fire from the furnace as well as centrifugal force and gravity,” he said of his first representations of the Basket series. “This meant letting glass find its own form.”

The 2017 Chihuly Workshop Studio Edition Golden Topaz Basket, presents a true depiction of the artist’s original vision. Two honey-gold vessels constitute this intimate sculpture. Wrapping around both elements, a thin, dexterous ribbon of deep oxblood red, which occasionally strikes black in the annealing process, further defines the asymmetrical Basket forms. The smaller element nestles within the larger creating a diaphanous and weightless introspective environment.

Golden Topaz Basket, signed by Chihuly is handblown and measures approximately eight inches in height. The work is presented with a Plexiglas vitrine for display purposes and the book Chihuly Baskets, with a DVD, both of which will enhance one’s appreciation of this beautiful series.


Byzantine Blue Persian Studio Edition

Dale Chihuly’s Persian series originated in 1986 as a search for new forms. Early works in the series were oddly shaped and intensely colored. Former curator Tina Oldknow notes, “The earliest Persians looked “archaeological” to Chihuly, like excavated ancient treasures. Chihuly sensed that these objects represented a formal direction in his art that was experimental, new, and exotic.” The more Chihuly continued to work within the series, the more the forms began to transform and inform themselves. The hallmark energy and motion of the sweeping arcs and arabesques of the Persians are evidence of the artist’s predilection for glass as a vehicle for color and the transmission of light.

Byzantine Blue Persian, a 2017 Studio Edition, is the first Chihuly Workshop Persian edition composed of three individual elements. The largest one, sheer pearly-blue at its center, fans and opens out to a deeper blue rim conveying its swaying spines and graceful movement. Within it rests a dazzlingly red-striped form that provides an inviting and contrasting dimension. The composition’s final element, a rich blue, expressive, and gently coiled serpentine form, reiterates the poetic suppleness of the sculpture in its entirety.

The hand blown Byzantine Blue Persian is signed by Chihuly and measures approximately 10 inches across. The sculpture is accompanied by a custom designed Plexiglas vitrine with a black base and the 104-page publication Chihuly Persians which provides an intriguing study of this captivating series.


Rose Blush Macchia Studio Edition

“The unbelievable combinations of color – that was the driving force” says Chihuly about the creation of the Macchia series. In the initial stages of its conception, Chihuly found himself “waking up one day wanting to use all three hundred of the colors in the hotshop.” This seduction of color led the artist to explore properties of its usage and compatibility of the mineral pigments. Creating color charts with one color for the interior, another for the exterior, Chihuly tackled the challenge of keeping these colors pure and separate, which led to his providential experimentation with a new technique – introducing a layer of white in between, keeping the interior and exterior colors apart.

Rose Blush Macchia, a 2017 Studio Edition, illustrates the mastery of color that is the result of Chihuly’s extensive color studies. The sculpture’s vitality emerges from the brilliant, variegated spots of orange and red pigments. These pigments, stretched and transformed in the process by breath, heat, and gravity, are illuminated against shadowy bands of rose and violet hues. A radiant yellow lip wrap emphasizes the classic rippling form of the Macchia series and bridges the colloquy between the exterior color and the soft blue interior. The result is incredibly earthy yet surreal.

Chihuly’s signature is engraved on each handblown work, which measures approximately nine inches in width. It is accompanied by a custom-designed Plexiglas case for display and Chihuly Macchia, a hardcover book with DVD that provides further details about the series.


You may also purchase Chihuly prints at the Visitors Center. The prints shown below are currently available for purchase.

Chihuly’s enjoyment in the spontaneous act of drawing has led to his continued pursuit of traditional printmaking; like his drawings, the prints offer collectors an intimate and alternative connection to his work in glass.

These original, limited-edition prints reveal his unique sensibility and highlight the artist’s unmistakable drawing style. All Chihuly Workshop original limited edition prints are signed by Chihuly and numbered. Prices vary by piece.

Silver Lining print, Dale Chihuly

Silver Lining

Beginning with a singular color palette, Chihuly’s series known as Chandeliers developed into a broader use of various forms, color, and light. These handblown glass sculptures are on view in public and private institutions including Benaroya Hall, home of the Seattle Symphony, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Highlighting Chihuly’s architectural sensibilities, Silver Lining explores scale and thoughtful use of form, combined with a mastery of color variation. This Chandelier drawing delicately transitions in color, gradually shifting from lapis to a metallic silver blue on a warm slate background. Copper acrylic has been applied to further delineate this iconic form. Adding to the composition are the artists’ signature “dots,” using an interference paint that changes color in various levels of light. The result is a translation of his brilliant series into a six-color serigraph with handwork. Silver Lining is signed by the artist in custom acrylic paint.

  • Six-color serigraph with handwork
  • 36¼” H x 25″ W
  • Edition of 125
  • Signed in paint and numbered in pencil
  • Printed by Mahaffey Fine Art LLC, Portland, OR, 2016
Purple Polka print, Dale Chihuly

Purple Polka

The first print release of 2017, Purple Polka, by Dale Chihuly marks the fortieth anniversary of Chihuly’s Basket series and his pursuit of the organic forms shaped by fire, gravity, and centrifugal force. Metallic silver lithography ink is layered over the mottled intaglio background highlighting the artist’s energetic approach to work on paper. Added acrylic handwork further delineates each of the four blue Baskets with repeated white pearl zigzags, and iridescent purple on their upper edge known as the ‘lip wrap.’

The result is the artists’ evolving dialogue with his work in glass and its translation on to paper. Purple Polka is a three-color intaglio/lithograph with handwork signed by Chihuly in custom paint.

  • Three-color intaglio/lithograph with handwork
  • 37″H x 25″W
  • Edition of 125; signed in paint and numbered in pencil
  • Printed by Mahaffey Fine Art LLC, Portland, OR, 2016
Venice Passage print, Dale Chihuly

Venice Passage 

The release of Venice Passage by Dale Chihuly marks the twentieth anniversary of the acclaimed Venice project. Layered over a lime-yellow intaglio background is a delicate balance of crimson lithography ink with red acrylic handwork defining the Chandelier.

Adding to the print’s refined composition are gold-red metallic dots in acrylic paint. The result exemplifies the artist’s translation of the inspired series onto a work on paper. Venice Passage is a two-color intaglio/lithograph with handwork signed by Chihuly.

  • Two-color intaglio/lithograph with handwork
  • 37″H x 25″W
  • Edition of 125; signed in paint and numbered in pencil
Two Crowns print, Dale Chihuly

Two Crowns

Two Crowns expresses Chihuly’s unmistakable drawing style and his relationship with form, color, and scale. A dark purple lithography ink over an aquatic green intaglio background delineates two forms the artist refers to as Ikebana. Varied in scale, these Ikebana are further defined by added acrylic handwork which includes a turquoise outline with gold lines repeated throughout each base.

A metallic copper and bright yellow color crown the tops, ultimately revealing Chihuly’s spontaneous approach to his work on paper. Two Crowns is a two-color intaglio/lithograph with handwork, signed in paint and numbered in pencil.

  • Two-color intaglio/lithograph with handwork
  • 37″H x 25″W
  • Edition of 125; signed in paint and numbered in pencil (ours is #36/125)
  • Printed by Mahaffey Fine Art LLC, Portland, OR, 2016

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