Columbus, Indiana is a city that is infused with everywhere art and unexpected architecture, and Tri-State Artisans truly allows visitor to get creative in Columbus! Tri-State Artisans is a retailer, selling local artists’ handmade products.

TSA also offers art programs for both children and adults, as well as a summer camp for younger children. Whether you are looking for a perfect gift, beautiful home décor, or an art class to learn a thing-or-two, Tri-State Artisans has you covered!


Tri-State Artisans proudly displays the work of over 50 local and regional artists. Located at 422 Washington St in the heart of the ARTs District, the retail space offers hand-made items such as jewelry, pottery, wooden items, crochet/knit/woven items, soaps, oils, photography, metal work, watercolor/oil/acrylic fine art, Columbus swag and more.

Youth Programs

The arts are important, especially for children who are still learning important cognitive skills. A strong arts education helps promote the skills people need in life to be successful. Arts education has been proven to promote self-directed learning, improve school attendance and sharpen critical and creative skills.

Tri-State Artisans has a series of Youth Programs as well as single classes for families to choose from. Categories for these programs include drawing, painting and art adventure. These programs allow children ages five through eight to discover a world full of art. Projects vary daily based on a wide range of choices provided to the students. The challenge of art is learning to let go, make mistakes and work with whatever happens!

Adult Programs

Although art education is important for younger children, you are never too old to learn something new. Tri-State Artisans offers programs as well as individual classes for adults. Program categories include drawing, painting, photography, Photoshop and composition.

These programs perfect for anyone who is looking to learn something new, build on their current skills, or expand their creativity. These courses are designed to help you learn and grow your skills as an artist. If you are only interested in taking one class to begin with, be sure to keep an eye on their website as they add information from time to time about new individual course offerings.

Summer Camp

Tri-State Artisans also offers a Summer Art Camp program for students, ages 6 to 14, who are looking to fearlessly tackle art challenges with curiosity and optimism! There are several sessions to choose from; however, be sure to sign up quickly before the summer sessions begin to ensure a spot for your child. The summer camp program immerses students into learning topics including 4H Photography, Creative Drawing, Creative Painting and Fun with String.


If you are looking for a fun afternoon or evening out with family and friends, TSA offers a wide variety of events throughout the week. Every Tuesday-Sunday you can sign up for an art session (all supplies included), usually lasting 2 hours, in which an instructor will guide you through creating an original work of art. Participants can choose acrylic painting, watercolor, sculpting, alcohol inks, wood canvas paintings and more.

Check the website for the most updated information and link to registration

Studio/Event Space

The 1200+ square foot studio/event space is also available for:

Over the past five years, Tri-State Artisans has contributed over $130,000 back into the local community through their extensive fundraising partnerships with non-profits, scholarships, and more!