Ethnic Expo 2021 is a series of events celebrating cultures that come together in Columbus, Indiana to create a vibrant, welcoming community! This event is one of the largest and most beloved local festivals hosted right here in the heart of Columbus. New in 2021, Ethnic Expo includes an extended calendar of events and provides each featured culture a new opportunity to offer an immersive and unforgettable experience.

Ethnic Expo 2021 is sponsored by First Financial and hosted by the City of Columbus and is now a series of several events during the year instead of a single event. A variety of nationalities and ethnicities will be represented and celebrated throughout the duration of the 2021 series. Guests will enjoy unique and authentic, delicious cuisines, music and programs the traditions of the featured cultures. These immersive ethnic experiences will be curated by each of the four cultural partners.

Ethnic Expo kicked off with a successful and vibrant Juneteenth event in partnership with Columbus/Bartholomew NAACP.

Juneteenth dancers

Did you know that the Ethnic Expo was founded 37 years ago? This event was started as a means of celebrating the diverse cultures that had started calling Columbus home. Ethnic Expo is now one of the most beloved events by all Columbus-area residents and a representation of community pride. Ethnic Expo events celebrate each unique culture individually but to also celebrates to all the vibrant collection of diverse cultures and history.

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Juneteenth photos by Tony Vasquez