Aug. 10

Changes to shopping guide

  • removed Hibbet Sports
  • removed Comic Cave
  • removed Beads De Colores
  • Updated address for Jordan-Ellison Jewelers

Aug. 9

  • uploaded new dining guide, swapped out PDF version


Aug. 7

  • created new row and link to Columbus in Style publication
Aug 4
  • created a photos page for When I Was Your Age

Aug 1

  • updated the e-news sign-up page, including embedding the sign-up form

July 14

  • added embedded Mill Race Park Pinterest board

July 11

  • added new search plug-in

June 14

  • launched new calendar page (yay)

June 14

  • removed Clarion Hotel from all lodging mentions and event space info

June 10

  • added a new landing page for info and images of Inn at Irwin Gardens public viewing days

May 30

  • updated and posted new version of downloadable Antiques Guide

May 8

  • moved self-guided smartphone tour off of Guide-By-Cell and onto our website
  • added quick links to be able to quickly jump up and down pages to points of interest

April 26

  • added Visit Indiana thirty-second spot to video playlist
  • make video YouTube link images look and work better


Mar 30

  • upgraded to a content-delivery network – meaning that our web files are stored remotely around the web-iverse
  • now, if someone visits our site from Shanghai, they might get the data files delivered to them via Beijing, rather than from a single storage device in one location – supposedly, this will speed up the site, plus, Google raises our “grade” for having this feature in place


Mar 25

  • added top two slideshows – now include clickable links for each image

Mar 23

  • added two itinerary downloads for art/architecture and fun with kids

Mar 10

  • updated map link JPGs on Sycamore Trust

Mar 6

  • added Thai Connection restaurant to listings
  • added Five Guys restaurant to listings

Feb 20

  • blog posts now migrated from old blogging site to new site

Feb 20

  • blog post trip ideas link from the Welcome Center page (see beginning text section) – this only has one post in it now, will have more to come, however.

Jan 30

  • removed Jordy McTaggart’s

Jan 29

  • new links above contact form, to encourage people to look and find info before automatically requesting us to send them printed materials

Jan 28

  • added John Cho photo to photo gallery at top of page
  • added link to Columbus movie under gallery
  • changed the gallery from 4 images each to just 3 each – to improve page-load speed

Jan 26

  • new link to movie page under “Find it,” moved to top of list

added live TripAdvisor reviews
Jan 25

  • added live feed to TripAdvisor reviews, see them below the images below the accordions

fixed www redirects
Jan 20

  • changed www-redirects to remove penalties in Google for redirects due to seemingly three URLs on our site – via WPEngine support

Email address
Jan 18

  • removed email address from site, to avoid further spam/hijacking attempts

Link to landscape arch.
Jan 18

  • added links to “the landscape architects of Columbus” to North Christian Church, Irwin Conference Center, and Cummins Headquarters pages

Added “lazy load”
Jan 16

  • added “lazy load” plug-in to only load images as they are called for, as the user scrolls, to speed up web page loads and improve SEO score for Google

Info request reply
Jan 11

  • created a new redirect page, after someone submits an info request form

Tours page
Jan 11

  • added quick links at top for faster access to tour options
  • add Inn at Irwin Gardens Winter Tour

Tech Center video
Jan 11

  • added link to video of The Tech Center, mostly interior clips (3:00), under “related links”

SSL upgrade

  • upgraded website to SSL authentication – note there is now an “S” at the end of the HTTP(S), and now a green padlock appears
  • this is supposed to give us a boost in Google’s rankings, because they favor secured sites

MHG page

  • added link to the PBS American Masters show

Otter Creek golf course

  • added Otter Creek page
  • created links to/from this page and Otter Creek Clubhouse and Sports faciltities

Search page

  • fixed the search results page so it no longer shows the gigantic images – looks and acts more like Google search
  • changed the options so it now returns 15 page results, not just 5 (do a search to try this out)

Hope branch bank

  • moved Hope bank branch to “in transition” – see right column in the quick links at top of page
  • changed name from Hope Visitors Center to Former Irwin Union Bank branch

All-Dining page

  • new quick links to get to categories at top of page, less scrolling required now

Irwin Gardens

  • added a related link to get to Irwin Gardens on MHG page, inside related link accordion (under Girard accordion)
  • link says: “Visit J. Irwin Miller’s childhood home and the Irwin Gardens”

Town of Hope page

  • added mapping for attractions, at bottom of page