Skateboarding is a popular pastime, dating back to the 1940s, created when surfers in California wanted something fun to do when the waves were flat. Columbus, Indiana, a city surrounded by everywhere art and unexpected architecture has recently upgraded its skatepark and is now welcoming visitors.

The Jolie Crider Memorial Skatepark is the city’s latest innovative design landmark, and is bringing in a new wave of skaters, both professionals and newbies. Far more durable than the previous park, this 14,000 square foot, $400,000 project is located right across the street from Columbus East High School in Clifty Park.

At first the city of Columbus couldn’t decide if the 20-year-old, skatepark should be renovated or completely rebuilt. The pre-existing skatepark was made of a skatelite material that was cracked and worn, making it unusable and unsafe for skaters. It was eventually decided that the city would rebuild the park altogether, offering a new and exciting place for residents and visitors alike to come and express themselves through skating.

The Jolie Crider Memorial Skatepark, designed by world-renowned skatepark architect, Janne Saario, consists of a design which is both safe and challenging for skaters. This park is Saario’s first skatepark design in the United States, and was facilitated by Hunger Skateparks from Bloomington, Indiana. The new park is now made of concrete, which will prove to be better for future generations and will require less maintenance as the years go by.

To learn more about the Jolie Crider Memorial Skatepark, check out this New York Times article.

Photos by Mike Wolanin, The Republic Newspaper