Hope Elementary

95 – Hope Elementary

Hope Elementary was designed by Taft Architects and is located on the outskirts of Hope. The architects gathered ideas from teachers, students, board members and the community to develop a building with sufficient storage, large windows, a regulation-sized gym, functionality and the ability to operate it economically.

The center hallway is the “main street” of the building with large foyers at each end. It creates a mall-like appearance with classroom windows interspersed with masonry pillars.

An old one-room school building has also been moved to the site as a reminder of the Hope community’s rural past.

Hope Elementary

96 – Irwin Union Bank, Hope (former)

Designed by Harry Weese, with Ben Weese as project manager, this was formerly a branch of Irwin Union Bank, located on the west side of the downtown square in Hope, Indiana. It is a simple rectangular plan with twelve pyramidal roofs on the exterior and the interior.

(This building has been repurposed as a Pharmacy.)

The roof/ceiling “floats” above the exterior brick walls with a glass clerestory window on all sides. The roof is supported by small steel columns that are only three inches square at the top and bottom, and larger in the middle.

The building entry includes an additional pyramidal canopy at the front and a full glass window. The entry is an detailed glass vestibule including a glass ceiling. The interior vault and enclosed offices are kept below the clerestory windows, allowing the entire interior volume of the building, with its multiple peaked ceiling, to be experienced when in the main space.

The exterior rust red brick is simply detailed with soldier course sills at the clerestory windows and recessed corners that feature round downspouts which appear to support the floating roof.

Hope Elementary

97 – Hope Branch Library

The Hope Branch of the Bartholomew County Public is situated on the east side of the Town Square in Hope, designed by Deborah Berke in 1998. Large windows, providing natural light for a comfortable daytime reading environment, dominate the high-ceilings and asymmetrical reading room.

The library serves as an after-school gathering center in this small town and is designed to be an inviting, child-friendly place.

Berke became dean of Yale School of Architecture in July 2016. Deborah Berke also designed the First Financial Creekview bank branch in Columbus.

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