A Look at Architecture, 9th Edition

Released April 2019, available for $35.

Only available in the Visitors Center Gift Shop or by calling 800-468-6564 to purchase a copy and have it shipped directly to you (only $4 for shipping).

Book includes seven national landmark buildings with enhanced four-page spreads for each.

A Look at Architecture documents modern buildings in Columbus, Indiana. Designed predominantly by nationally and internationally recognized architects, landscape architects, and interior designers from 1942-2016, each project has been photographed in its current condition.

Each project is typically associated with a lead design architect and the name and location of the architectural firm with which the designer worked, as well as key associates or collaborating designers. In the past decade it has become more common for national architects to associate with local architects, who are also listed.

ISBN 978-1-949702-06-4

Cover of the ninth edition, which includes historical black-and-white photographs by Balthazar Korab, 190 pages

View supplemental images of floor plans,sketches, and miscellany and a timeline of projects from the book

Over 220 photos are included in the book, nearly 60 of those are by photographer Balthazar Korab

Sample two-page spreads from A Look at Architecture

All of the seven national historic landmarks have an additional photo spread.