Columbus Indiana has a new celebrity citizen. Well, dignitary really. A Bone-afied VIP! And, he can’t wait to shake paws with you. Meet Tripp, Hotel Indigo’s newest and fluffiest employee.

A Hoosier, Born and Bred

Tripp is a Hoosier, born on August 25 in Syracuse, Indiana. This perfect puppy weighs a little over six adorable pounds. A Bichon Frise, this happy little guy might achieve 15 pounds full grown, with a little help from the UPS, Cintas and the U.S. Postal delivery people who feed him treats regularly.

Staff Orientation

Since his “hire date” on November 16, Tripp is learning quickly there’s no such thing as a free lunch, or free treat for that matter. Currently during staff orientation, he is exploring the hotel first floor, finding toys, avoiding being stepped on, dragging a stuffed penguin around the lobby and getting much admiration from staff and guests. So far, he loves getting his photo taken, you know for his staff badge, but the camera click had to be quick because he doesn’t stay still for long. Tripp’s business cards have been ordered, complete with a job title, Hotel Ambassador, and an email address. He’ll give these to pet guests so they can stay in touch.

Tripp and Christmas presents

Job Description

As was his predecessor, Miles (also a Bichon Frise who passed away a few months ago), Tripp will be assigned a long list of important job duties. He has some big “paw prints” to fill, but already he has shown so much potential. He has easily picked up the art of enthusiastically greeting guests at the door. Napping is also on his agenda, which he does expertly. While his favorite snoozing position is cuddled in someone’s arms, he also is quite content to nap in his bed at the front desk. In addition to these crucial tasks, Tripp will also be responsible for comforting guests who may be missing their pets. Then, starting in June, Tripp will be ready to host the monthly Canines & Cocktails events on the Hotel Indigo patio. This is a fundraiser for Tripp’s charities, a variety of animal-related causes.

Room and (never) Bored

As compensation for his nearly c-level role, Tripp will be rewarded with a variety of perks. Every day is puppy payday with several sessions of hugs and belly rubs delivered by a variety of guests and staff members. His expense account will have line items for a multitude of toys and unlimited treats. He’ll use these for his many meetings with other pet guests. His food bowl will routinely be filled with the finest complimentary K-9 cuisine. Every Wednesday, Tripp will be treated to a Spa Day at Mutt Tubbs, where he will be pampered and primped, so he can consistently be “dressed for success.” Best of all, he gets to live at the hotel 24/7 with constant companionship.

Tripp at front desk, Hotel Indigo

Bright Future

Tripp is already excelling during his training. Guest and staff members have given him rave reviews. His people-skills are excellent. In fact, his colleagues describe him as “SUPER BUSY” and anxiously greeting every guest at the door. Already working the front desk, Tripp has demonstrated he is a quick learner.

Most hotels don’t employ four-legged Hotel Ambassadors with tails. Based on Tripp’s “pup”-ularity, maybe they should. In the meantime, come to Hotel Indigo Columbus to give our per-“pet”-ual employee-of-the-month, Tripp, snuggles and belly rubs. As the saying goes, you’ll be glad you did.


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