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Hospitality professionals are some of the most influential people in our community.

They meet and greet guests, solve problems and offer advice. Our front-line team members are creating first impressions of your business and our community every day. Acknowledging and supporting the significant role of service specialists is vital to our collective success.

The Columbus Area Visitors Center is pleased to introduce the ROSE Awards program, designed to recognize excellent customer service and strengthen our hospitality industry workforce, and we invite you to join us in launching this initiative.

R.O.S.E. is an acronym for Recognition of Service Excellence and is a long-standing hospitality industry tradition in many metro areas. The mission of the ROSE Awards is to honor non-managerial hospitality employees who exceed expectations and provide outstanding service.

The First Columbus ROSE Awards Banquet will take place on March 31, 2020. At the event our community will honor the contributions of hospitality professionals throughout Bartholomew County.

In order to make a meaningful statement about our commitment to excellence, we need broad community support. Cummins, Inc. and the City of Columbus have stepped up as presenting sponsors of the ROSE Awards Banquet. Please join us by selecting a participation option outlined below.

  • Nominate an employee – this is an opportunity to reward a high achieving team member and set the bar for the entire community
  • Become a sponsor of the ROSE Award Banquet – this opportunity provides a visible way for your company to demonstrate your commitment to excellence.
  • Attend the banquet by purchasing a table or individual seat – this is an opportunity for our community leaders to come together in support of our community champions on the front line.

If you have an employee who has gone above and beyond to make a positive impact on guests in our community, please share that story with a ROSE nomination. Details of participation options follow. You may learn more at: We look forward to celebrating excellent service in our community with you.

Thanks for all you do to make Columbus and Bartholomew County a Welcoming Community.

Becky Harper, Community Vibe Ambassador
Columbus Area Visitor Center
506 5th Street, Columbus, IN 47201


the rose awards

R.O.S.E  is an acronym that stands for Recognition Of Service Excellence.

We encourage all our partners to support and participate by nominating an outstanding employee or volunteer for this distinguished honor. This ROSE Awards event will recognize the contributions of customer service (hospitality) representatives throughout Bartholomew County.

ROSE Award honorees are true goodwill ambassadors for their companies and the community. We hope you will take the opportunity to recognize your employees who exemplify service excellence and hospitality.

The mission of the ROSE Awards is to honor non-managerial hospitality employees providing excellent customer service. These industry champions, through one-on-one or behind-the-scenes contact, positively influence a guest experience in the community

The ROSE Awards could not take place without the generous support of our sponsors. Sponsorship opportunities are available at all levels and we invite your participation.

We look forward to celebrating our community super stars and hope you will support the celebration by submitting nominations and/or sponsoring this event. We are grateful partnership and all that you do to make Columbus and Bartholomew County a welcoming community.


rose awards f.a.q.

How do I nominate?

To nominate, complete the online form coming in November, and purchase tickets or sponsorships for the Columbus Rose Awards Event for Nominee.

What’s next after I submit nominations?

The nominator will receive an email confirmation of the nomination.

Notifications will begin in February after nomination cut-off date. A member of our committee will be in touch with each nominator or supervisor to schedule an appropriate time to surprise nominees with the notification.

At the time of notification, each honoree will receive a congratulatory letter, a special ROSE honoree pin and details for the ROSE Awards ceremony.

Make plans to attend the ROSE Awards on March 31stand purchase tickets or sponsorship for your company. The cost is $50.00 per person (including the honoree). Nominating company must commit to purchase a ticket for their honoree when submitting nomination.

What does each nominee receive?

Special notification of nomination prior to event

Congratulatory letter from the Mayor of Columbus

Special ROSE Honoree pin to be worn to the ceremony

Incredible evening of food and entertainment that celebrates and recognizes the nominee and the company with which they are affiliated

(Framed) award certificate

Special recognition on this website

How long does a person have to work at a business to qualify?

At least one year

Do the honorees get into the event for free?

The cost for each attendee/honoree is $50.00 and individual or company nominating is responsible for the nominee’s event ticket.

When will the nominees be notified?

Notifications will take place in February and the contact person from the nominating company will be contacted to set a time for the notification.

Rose Award sponsors

Presenting Sponsor, $5,000

Keynote Sponsor, $2,500


contact info.

If you have questions about ROSE Awards nominations, or would like to be a sponsor, contact :

Becky Harper, Community Vibe Ambassador
812 350-9136