ZwanzigZ Pizza & Brewing and winning go hand-in-hand. From their masterpiece pizzas to their locally brewed craft beers, owners Kurt and Liza Zwanzig are amassing awards. Since opening in 2002, their pizza has routinely been named Best Pizza in Columbus. However, their latest accolade at the 2022 World Beer Cup has firmly planted them on an international podium.

Winning the Gold

With over 10,000 entries from 57 countries, ZwanzigZ Craft Brewery came out on top at the prestigious Brewers Association World Beer Cup. Their American-style imperial stout, Fulcrum Imperial Stout, won the 2022 World Beer Cup Gold Medal in the American-Style Imperial Stout category. They were up against a whopping 96 challengers!

“All I can say is, we’re just honored,” said Kurt Zwanzig. “It’s a big boost for our business and our reputation.”

This particular award comes at an opportune time, aligning with ZwanzigZ pizzeria’s 20th anniversary. Zwanzig admits, “The pizza made everything possible. The beer has been an amazing addition.”


Zwanzgiz Production Brewery barrels

ZwanzigZ Production Brewing at 1038 Lafayette Avenue

A Winning Streak

In addition to this year’s Gold Medal at the World Beer Cup, ZwanzigZ’s Craft Brewery has earned a long list of awards. The highlights are listed below.


  • Gold Medal, Ghost Pepper Imperial Stout, Great American Beer Festival


  • Small Brewpub of the Year, Great American Beer Festival


  • Brewers of the Year, Brewmaster Mike Rybinski and assistant brewer Trent Fleener, small brewpub category, Great American Beer Festival
  • Silver Medal, The Ticket Chocolate Beer, Great American Beer Festival
  • Silver medal, Frankenwald Eisbock brew, Great American Beer Festival

Learn more about ZwanzigZ Pizza & Brewing. Check out their extensive pizza, calzone and hoagie menu. You can also find their beers at select liquor stores and eateries in southern Indiana.

Two Locations

Now, there are two ZwanzigZ locations. The pizzeria, which serves the ZwanzigZ craft beer too, is located at 1038 Lafayette Avenue. The new brewery is located at 315 12th Street and recently opened for limited hours. It is stocked with state-of-the-art brewing equipment. The bottling line is first class. This is where the customers and staff gathered to watch the World Beer Cup results online via his laptop. Upon hearing they won, it was high-fives all around.

Zwanzgiz Production Brewery

ZwanzigZ Production Brewing at 315 12th Street

Zwanzigz Pizza

ZwanzigZ Pizza and Brewing at 1038 Lafayette Avenue