Columbus, Indiana is known as one of the best cities in the world for public art and architecture. Every year, thousands of visitors arrive to explore its streets dotted with notable public art and its architecturally significant buildings. Every-other year, the Landmark Columbus Foundation invites a select roster of architects and designers to create new, temporary works to be installed throughout downtown Columbus. Exhibit Columbus showcases the designers’ work within the context of Columbus’ beloved landmarks, providing new opportunities to interact with one another and the environment.   

The 2023 Exhibit Columbus designs have just been revealed, creating much anticipation for the upcoming exhibition. Featuring today’s freshest artists, designers and architects, Exhibit Columbus will open to the public for free on August 25, 2023 and will run through November. 

This year’s theme, “Public by Design”, creates meaningful connections between people and the public spaces they share and explores how collaborations between communities and designers can revitalize and reimagine historic downtowns.  

Listed by location, here are the 2023 Exhibit Columbus winning designs and their concepts. 

Wayfinding and Signage System
Designer:  Chris Grimley
This collection will visually direct visitors from site to site, as they explore Exhibit Columbus, “Public by Design,” a free, outdoor public art exhibition.   

4th Street and Washington Street
Designer: PAU
This canopy structure is inspired by nearby Zaharakos ice cream sundaes and by the wigwams of the Miami and Shawnee people who settled in Indiana. The canopy will feature a ceiling for projected images and an oculus that resembles the circular opening in the North Christian Church’s roof. 

Signals, visual graphic & wayfinding system


Exhibit Columbus presentation for 2023 by Pau

The Commons (sub-head) 

Side Effects
Designers: Molly Hunker and Greg Corso (Syracuse University)
This project breaks down the boundaries between interior and exterior with two large, brightly colored and patterned shapes installed at The Commons entrance. 

Ovation Plaza 
A Carousel for Columbus
Designers: Joseph Altshuler and Zack Morrison (University of Illinois)
Supergraphics inspired from the city’s architecture will animate the walls and ground surfaces of this plaza. The centerpiece is a carousel that spins in place and can be used as a performance stage. 

Side Effects installation concept - Exhibit Columbus 2023

Side Effects


A Carousel for Columbus

Cummins Office Building Headquarters
Ground Rules
Designers: Jessica Colangelo and Charles Sharpless (University of Arkansas)
This installation floats an elevated playing court and seating under the concrete colonnade of the Cummins Corporate Office Building.  

Hotel Indigo 
Pipe Up!”
Designers: Halina Steiner, Tameka Baba, Forbes Lipschitz and Shelby Doyle (The Ohio State University and Iowa State University)
This project makes visible the subterranean water infrastructure using a standing field of 150 charlotte pipes topped by 700 feet of undulating tile drains.  


Ground Rules


Pipe Up

Mill Race Park
Echoes of the Hill
Designer: Sara Zewde of New York City’s Studio Zewde
Celebrating the large slope of the park, Zewde’s installation features a series of red frames mirroring the hill and encircling an area for activities.  

Mill Race Senior Center 
The Plot Project
Designer: PORT, based in Philadelphia and Chicago
The Senior Center will be enhanced by 12 plot plantings in the dramatic 1.5-acre arc in front of the building.  


Echoes of the Hill

the plot - port

The Plot Project

Cummins Parking Garage, West 
Designers: Esteban Garcia Bravo and Maria Clara Morales (Purdue University)
This interactive and immersive light installation uses a rectangular prism as a foundation. Creating an open-air tunnel, visitors will walk through with a free-flowing, animated lighted experience.   

Cummins Parking Garage, East 
Designers: High School Design Team comprised of eighteen students from Bartholomew County high schools
In Japanese, machi means a busy downtown area. This installation will be constructed of steel tubing and colorful awnings, defining a large space. Various movable pieces will allow visitors to design their own gathering spaces using provided chairs, tables and other objects.  





Bartholomew County Public Library
Designer: Deborah Garcia (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Recordar means “to remember” in Latin. This project will use sounds, and even our own voices, to remind us of history, from Modernism to ancient times.  

Columbus Area Visitors Center 
Sylvan Scrapple”
Designers: Katie MacDonald and Kyle Schumann (University of Virginia)
Combining surplus from landscaping projects and construction demolition, this architectural assembly will use curving timber panels and bricks built upon the existing planter wall. The structure will offer a wooded oasis for reading, dining and play.  





Sylvan Scrapple

Library Plaza
Designed by the Public
Designer: Tatiana Bilbao from ESTUDIO of Mexico City
Based on the idea to let the public determine their own way of unwinding and playing, this installation will encourage visitors to use provided objects and their imaginations to build their own purposeful space. The broad scope of objects will include furniture, equipment and other items. 


Designed by the Public


Opening August 25, Exhibit Columbus is cool, fun and inspiring. Explore all thirteen installations during the free outdoor exhibition that will run through November.  

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