For Our Columbus Area Tourism Partners

The Columbus Area Visitors Center is actively monitoring the news regarding COVID-19. We are aware of the challenges it presents our tourism partners. We are following recommendations from the national Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Indiana State Department of Health. We urge our partners to do the same.

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has declared a statewide public health emergency. A state of emergency is a common step in cases such as these to help the state further prepare state agencies, communities and the health care system in the event COVID-19 spreads more broadly. It is not a reason to panic, but it is a reason to prepare.

Below you’ll see some recommendations and best practices for addressing the disruption caused by COVID-19 along with a form to report cancellations.

Reporting Cancellations

Please help us understand the impact of the virus on our local economy by reporting cancellations you receive on this form. We will use this information to evaluate the impact of the virus on our industry. Specifics of the cancellations will remain confidential. The visitors center will share information as an aggregate number without specific groups or properties identified. Thank you for helping us understand and share with you our local market conditions.

Enter your cancellations HERE.

Best Practices

State and national industry associations advise us to use these best practices when addressing business disruption due to COVID-19

  • Monitor the situation. Currently, the situation is fluid. That means facts and circumstances can change quickly, and often do.
  • Know what your contracts say, keep detailed records of factors leading to cancelations and the impact of those decisions.
  • Review your insurance coverages
  • Consider whether there are alternative means to perform contractual obligations
  • Consider the business solution to legal issues: negotiate resolutions and reschedule
  • This crisis will end, and it is important to maintain a dialogue with your contacts. A continued, positive relationship with your contacts will ensure that when the situation rebounds, you can pick up where you left off.

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