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The Columbus Area Visitors Center calendar posts selected events of interest to guests visiting Bartholomew County and is not intended to be an all-inclusive community calendar. Events that attract visitors from outside Bartholomew County, entice guests to extend visits within the County, or enhance visits while staying in the County will be given priority.

Thank you for providing this valuable information. We appreciate your time in adding events.

An event will be added to the calendar after being checked by staff, usually within three business days.

If you would like to make changes to an existing event on the calendar, please email corrections/updates to calendar@columbus.in.us.


  • Events must occur within Bartholomew County. Events in other counties will not be posted.
  • We do not post church events, unless they are of broad cultural interest to visitors.
  • We do not post local band appearances at bars and restaurants.
  • Please send full-sized, full-resolution images, we will size and crop them to work with the calendar web page.
  • Send the image to calendar@columbus.in.us


  • Ideal description style:
    Join in the fun with this bike ride around the city. There will be food and drink at stops along the way. Monies raised will benefit nonprofit organizations in the area.
  • Please do not use advertising style language, such as:
    This will be the most amazing bike ride in the city, ever! It will rock your world!
  • Please do not use first person language, such as:
    I am sure you will consider this the most amazing bike ride in the city. I consider it the best bike ride I’ve ever been part of.
  • Please do not capitalize every word, such as:
    Join In The Fun With This Bike Ride Around The City.

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