By Connie Nimmo Thorn
Last year, an Indie film took Columbus, Indiana and Sundance by storm. The smart and emotional movie, COLUMBUS, won critical acclaim and awards. And, was even listed as one of the top ten movies to watch in 2017 by over 20 critics.

When an architecture expert collapses giving a lecture in Columbus, his estranged son, Jin, comes to town to visit. Jin meets a precocious local named Casey, who has a love for design and architecture in her hometown. Jin and Casey navigate their relationships and contemplate their futures, all the while among the amazing architecture of Columbus.

COLUMBUS was director Kogonada’s first feature-length debut. It features a star-studded cast, including John Cho, Haley Lu Richardson, Parker Posey, Rory Culkin and Michelle Forbes. However, the most notable, larger-than-life actor in the film is the architecture.

The modernist buildings and sculptures become more soulful as the story unfolds around them, bonding the characters. The physical space between the structures in the scene creates hope, tension, complexity, joy and longing as the characters pass through. But in the end, just like the architects who build them, the buildings and sculptures offer a renewed sense of aspiration. The best part about this movie star is that you can meet it in person.

Before you visit, be sure to watch COLUMBUS and experience the architecture through Jin and Casey’s eyes: