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beer flight

450 North Brewing Company

8111 E. 450 North, Columbus

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450 North Brewing Company is a small craft brewery on the Simmons family farm in Columbus. Since 2012 the Simmons family has been crafting some of the finest beers in the country. We produce beer, wine, and hard cider on site and are open to the public daily. We offer a full menu, wine tastings, and merchandise all within our state of the art taproom.

Hog Molly Brewing Co.

830 Depot St
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Hog Molly is a tap room, not a restaurant – bring your own food or have some delivered while you are there. Food trucks are available most weekends.

Hog Molly is focused on traditional beers made with high quality ingredients – beers that have a hefty malt profile with nice depth of flavor, there are no “one note” beers at Hog Molly Brewing Company.

Zwanzgiz Pizza

1038 Lafayette Ave, Columbus
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Zwanzigz is a locally-owned pizzeria with craft brewery on site, voted best pizza and best inexpensive lunch in Columbus. Over two dozen beers on tap. Growlers and packaged beer available for carry out. In addition, enjoy a line of homemade sodas – kids will love the root beers, orange and black cherry sodas, and others.

Zwanzigz Production Brewing

315 12th Street, Columbus
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21+ only

Producing ZwanzigZ award-winning beers since 2018, the ZwanzigZ Production Brewery opened their brewery tasting room in spring of 2022. The Production Brewery tasting room allows the brewery team to offer one off, creative beers that are not available at ZwanzigZ Pizzeria.

The ZwanzigZ Production Brewery offers a wide variety of products in cans that are available for on-site consumption or for carry out, including six core beers, and regular special releases. The brewery also has eight rotating draft beer options that are only available in pints and half pints for on-site enjoyment.

The brewery does not have a kitchen on site, but ZwanzigZ Pizzeria has delivery available. Patrons are also free to bring in ZwanzigZ Pizzeria carry out, or other food options of their choice.

Voted Best Small Brewpub of the Year in 2016 at The Great American Beer Festival. In 2017, the Ghost Pepper Imperial Stout received a gold medal in the Chili Beer category. In 2022 at The World Beer Cup, Fulcrum Imperial Stout received a gold medal in the American-Style Imperial Stout category.

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beer flight


BEER EVENTS in columbus

Also of interest nearby


WINE – simmons winery

8111 E 450 N
Map, photos, more info about Simmons

Simmons Winery website

Simmons Winery offers a wide variety of red, white, and blush wines, ranging from dry to sweet dessert wines. Viniferous, French-American hybrids, and Native American grapes are used to produce the wines. They offer processing room tours and wine tasting. Visit the farm market during the summer and fall for fresh fruits and vegetables produced on the 115-year-old family farm.

WINE – The Savory Swine

410 E Washington
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The Savory Swine website

The Savory Swine offers cutting-edge wine tasting stations. Wine vending machines preserve and properly temper both red and white wines, so your glass will always be fresh. By using a preloaded wine card, you can choose one, three, or six ounce pours, so you have the freedom to sample several selections.