David Zinn created street art illustrations in Columbus

Can you find all of them?

David Zinn visited Columbus in the fall of 2017 to create street art illustrations. Some have been naturally worn away by the weather, but many remain and are waiting for you to find them!


Stop by The Visitors Center or Mill Race Center to pick up a search-and-find guide to the  Zinn art locations.

Below is the text from the guide:

This map will get you close to David Zinn’s friends who are hidden in plain sight in downtown Columbus, but the rest is up to you! Search the area carefully, you never know where a creature may be hiding. Who knows? You might run into Sluggo, a bright green monster, or Philomena, the flying pig – can you find them all?

David Zinn has been creating original artwork since 1987, serving all manner of commercial clients, from small shops to major municipalities, while simultaneously sneaking “pointless” art into the world at large. Most of these drawings have appeared on sidewalks in his hometown of Ann Arbor and elsewhere in Michigan, but many have surfaced as far away as subway platforms in Manhattan, village squares in Sweden, street corners in Taiwan, and now downtown Columbus, Indiana! David’s temporary street art is composed entirely of chalk, charcoal, and found objects, and is always improvised on location. Columbus is pleased to be home to semi-permanent works by David, created in the summer of 2017.

Sponsors for David’s visit include: Mill Race Center, Columbus Area Visitors Center, Pittman Institute for Aging Well, Office of Community and Rural Affairs, and NTN Driveshaft, Inc.