Ancestral Way

Ancestral Way, Bob Pulley
Ancestral Way, by Bob Pulley
Ancestral Way, artist Bob Pulley
Bob Pulley, 2006
Local artist Robert Pulley’s eleven organic forms appear to march in procession along the hillside as visitors exit the city.
The hand-built stoneware fired ceramic sculptures combine references to the human figure with organic and geologic forms
On his website, Bob says, “I have always been intuitive, reactive, and spontaneous. I love improvisation, expression, and the power of chance and serendipity. In my creative process, there is always a time of free improvisation using easily manipulated materials on a small scale. The materials may have qualities of a found object, chance forms that must be reacted to, much as a jazz musician riffs off a casual theme. The resulting models are very crude, casual, and many. A chosen few undergo editing, refinement and transformation as they are built into full size sculptures.”
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