Two Arcs de 212.5

Two Arcs de 212.5
Two Arcs de 212.5 in context
Two Arcs de 212.5 from north
Bernar Venet, 1987
Bernar Venet’s 2 Arcs de 212.5° — also known as the “Red C” — is typical of Venet’s minimalist work in steel.
Seemingly precariously balanced, this work, like his others, reflects the artist’s love of mathematics and his style of adapting material, form, balance, and spatial perception.

“These sculptures don’t create themselves. One must witness their production to understand how difficult it is to cold-twist steel bars that measure 4.5 inches in section. One then understands the danger and the physical effort. At each instant it is necessary to find improvised solutions so that I can attain the desired goals. Despite the mastery I have acquired over the material, there is always an element of surprise that awaits me each time that I finish a ‘line.'” – from A Conversation with Bernar Venet, A Renaissance Artist of the Third Millennium, by Laura Tansini, on

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